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The best Fitbit Alta and Alta HR bands and accessories

Image Credit: TechRadar

So you've chosen either the Fitbit Alta HR or the Fitbit Alta - here are our favorite accessories for your tracker, including a selection of bands and extra add-ons you might want to buy.

You should note that some of the accessories on this list may not work with the newer Fitbit Alta HR, but we've also clearly stated which ones we are certain to work with your newer tracker.

These are products that we haven't had in our test labs, but based on our experts' opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked from cheapest to most expensive, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability or unique features to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

Image Credit: Cotop

Image Credit: Cotop

1. Fitbit Alta/Alta HR Cotop HD clear film screen protector

Affordable protection for your Alta

Colors: Clear | Material: Urethane film

Will eventually need replacing
Can be fiddly to put on

The screen on your Fitbit Alta/Alta HR can easily get damaged, so we'd recommend you take a look at getting a display protector for your wearable.

These are cheap and should mean you won't scratch up the display when you put the Alta down or if you bump your wrist into anything.

Image Credit: Tomall

Image Credit: Tomall

2. Tomall Fitbit Alta/Alta HR Clip Holder

An alternative way to wear your Fitbit

Colors: Black, Red, Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Sky Blue, Teal, Yellow, White | Material: Silicone and stainless steel

Wearable in lots of ways
Comes in a range of colors
Not as secure as a strap
Won't be able to read heart rate

There are lots of replacement bands on this list, but what if you don’t want to wear your Fitbit Alta on your wrist? In that case you might want to consider this clip holder from Tomall.

It works with both the Alta and the Alta HR, and includes both a silicone holder for the Fitbit and a stainless steel clip, which you can use to attach it to a belt, a pocket, or any other piece of clothing.

The clip is also available in twelve different colors, so you’re sure to find a shade you like, and it’s cheap enough that you could buy several, so there’s always one to match your outfit or mood.

Image Credit: Degbit

Image Credit: Degbit

3. Fitbit Alta metal band from Degbit

Cheapest band out there

Colors: Black, Brown, Rose Gold, Gold | Material: Stainless Steel

Not sure of durability
Can be fiddly to put on

Want your Fitbit Alta in a metal band? Here's one of the best cheap options we could find that will work on your Fitbit Alta.

It's made of stainless steel and comes with a link remover tool in the box, so you should simply be able to swap it out and make sure the metal strap fits your wrist properly. Whether this band will work with the Fitbit Alta HR is uncertain.

Image Credit: DingTool

Image Credit: DingTool

4. DingTool Slim Designer Sleeve Protector for Fitbit Alta/Alta HR

Full body protection for your Fitbit

Colors: 10-color multi-pack | Material: Silicone

Lots of color choice
Decent protection
Doesn't fully protect screen
Looks cheap

We’ve included a screen protector elsewhere on this list, but it’s not just the Fitbit Alta’s screen that can get damaged, it’s also the body of the device.

With that in mind you might want to consider this sleeve protector from DingTool. It fully covers and protects the sides of your Fitbit, as well as the edge of the screen – combine it with a screen protector for complete protection.

It also comes in a 10-piece multi-pack with each one being a different color, so you can swap to a new shade every day of the week, or whenever you feel like it.

Image Credit: Wearlizer

Image Credit: Wearlizer

5. Fitbit Alta leather band from Wearlizer

A cheaper leather option

Colors: Pink, Brown, Black | Material: Leather

Metal buckle
Not sure of durability
Not as premium as official option

Here's the cheapest leather band we can find for the Fitbit Alta, and it should give you a more stylish look than the silicone option included in the box.

It's not as premium as the leather option supplied by Fitbit, but then it doesn't cost anywhere near as much either. There's no certainty this will work with the Fitbit Alta HR though as Wearlizer hasn't updated its listing yet.

Image Credit: Fitbit

Image Credit: Fitbit

6. Fitbit Alta/Alta HR leather band

Real leather Fitbit Alta strap

Colors: Brown, Grey, Pink | Material: Leather

Genuine leather
Classy look
Not great for working out
Not perfect for Fitbit Alta HR

Metal not your thing? If you're after a classier look for your Fitbit Alta or Alta HR, this is the option to go for over the silicone or third-party metal bands. 

There are three color options to go for - grey, brown or pink - plus it looks comfortable and should look good when in an office setting or on a night out.

Image Credit: Fitbit

Image Credit: Fitbit

7. Fitbit Alta/Alta HR metal bracelet

A fashionable finish for your Fitbit Alta

Colors: Stainless Steel | Material: Metal

Premium design
Looks good in most settings
Only one color option

The Fitbit Alta and Alta HR both come with a fairly plain yet functional strap, but if you've got money to spare you can upgrade it to a far more stylish and premium one like this metal offering.

It's made from stainless steel and looks far more like something that you'd wear by choice than just as a means to track your fitness.

Image Credit: Public School

Image Credit: Public School

8. Public School for Fitbit Alta Axis Accessory Band in Stainless Steel

A very expensive option

Colors: Silver

Looks great
Officially endorsed
A bit pricey
Not suitable for workouts

A collaboration with US designers Public School, this bracelet can be bought directly from Fitbit – always good for peace of mind when buying expensive products. 

Turning the fitness tracker into a fashion watch, it’s made from surgical grade stainless steel but while it looks great, it isn’t sweat proof so not one to use in the gym.

Image Credit: Public School

Image Credit: Public School

9. Public School for Fitbit Alta Type III Paracord Bracelet

Another expensive choice

Colors: Black

Designer creds
Buy from Fitbit
A bit pricey
Not suitable for workouts

The second design from Public School is military-inspired with gunmetal stainless steel hardware. 

This is a band that’s more about the looks than function, as it’s not water proof or suited to intense workouts. It’s fine for day to day walks though. But watch out, as with most loose-fitting accessories, if you have an Alta HR, the heart rate monitoring may not work.

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