Sonos goes post-PC with app update to play iTunes direct from iPhone

Wireless, PC-less - what's next?

A new app update for the excellent Sonos system brings with it the ability to play iTunes music direct from an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

This chops out the annoying PC/Mac middleman that Sonos users have been tied to since time immemorial.

It also means that if you buy songs on your i-prefixed device, you can listen to them straight away via Sonos instead of having to mess about syncing it back to your computer first.


You can also add these tracks to a playlist and mix-and-match with other Sonos-friendly music sources like Spotify.

Still absent though is the ability to play audio from anywhere outside Sonos – so any music streamed via a website or YouTube videos are still shackled to your phone speakers.

Compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPod touches running iOS 6, the updated app is available in the App Store now – sadly there's no word yet on when the Android version will get the equivalent functionality.


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