Radiopaq releases headphones for every musical mood

Jazz or Pop? Now it's your choice

Radiopaq has decided that the world needs more choice in its audio equipment, so has created the Custom Tuned Headphones, available in four different sonic flavours.

Rather than making a lovely selection of pretty colours, Radiopaq has chosen to make headphones tailored for styles of music; namely Pop, Rock, Classic and Rock.

Each set of headphones has a slightly tweaked set of hardware in the tiny chassis to give a different sound profile, using an 11-piece chamber to achieve this.

For instance, the Jazz set will have a stronger focus on rhythm and pace, where Pop will have a stronger vocal set-up up but with less balance on the high end of the sound spectrum.

These headphones will retail at £60 per set, which means you're unlikely to buy all four to have a set to suit your tastes.

Music lovers to stay loyal

But John Whitehead, technology manager for Radiopaq, told TechRadar that he believed users who preferred a certain type of music, for instance classical which has a very balanced sonic set-up, would like to hear other types of music in this way, as it's more of a personal preference than a set of headphones for each musical occasion.

Radiopaq is also releasing the Sound Jacket and Sound Mix accessories for the iPod and other 3.5mm-enabled audio players respectively, designed to re-enhance sound that has lost some of its quality through being compressed into an MP3.

The Sound Mix and Sound Jacket will be available from the end of Q2 for £79 and TechRadar will bring you more details on these shiny little gizmos as and when we get them.


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