Jabra Sport Pulse headphones bring elite training to the masses

Jabra reckons that we're all wasting our time trotting around the park for a few minutes a week, getting tangled in a million wires, which is why its created the Sport Pulse headphones.

While not cheap at a penny under £200, the new wireless headphones can read your pulse just by sitting in the ear – like the LG Heart Rate Headphones, in fact.

Rain runners

However, unlike those, Jabra hasn't gone for such a conventional naming convention, and it will also launch them in the UK for those that like the thought of running the through the rain in an English 'summer'.

The Sport Pulse headphones are pretty standard in some respects: combined with the Sports Life app for Android or iPhone, they allow you to train in different zones and prepare plans for you based on your goal, be it speed, time or distance.

However, unlike most other running apps, the new headphones can tell you your VO2Max level (useful to see how fit you actually are getting), assess whether you're overtraining or just keep an eye on your resting heartrate over time.

Tunes a-plenty?

The wireless buds feature the usual suspects of upgrades you'd expect at this price point: Dolby-enhanced sound and resistance to sweat, for instance. However, Jabra has partnered with Google to let you make offline playlists from YouTube and listen to the tracks on the run.

Who are these new headphones designed for? Well, for £200 they're not going to appeal to everyone, given heart rate monitors and apps to monitor the sensors can be found for a lot cheaper.

But those that take their running a little more seriously will probably want to check these out, and find if the claims of being able to show your VO2Max rate are accurate, given a session at a professional studio could cost the same as one of these little earbuds.

Out in October, the Jabra Sport Pulse wireless headphones will be available at Selfridges first, with wider availability to be confirmed.