Modified phono stages get best out of vinyl

New Russ Andrews kit brings cheer to record lovers

Audiophile accessories entrepreneur and tweaking expert Russ Andrews has launched two new phono stages based on a modified Rega Fono.

Called the PH-1 (and priced from £399) the standalone units can be used in place of an amplifier's built-in phono stage to bring improvements over the standard offering. The standalone PH-1 is said to provide significant performance benefits whilst outperforming many of its rivals.

Humble beginnings

Based on the Terry Bateman-designed Rega Fono design, Russ has extensively upgraded the internal components with high-quality replacement parts and included modifications to the original circuit. There have also been radical revisions to the power supply ­with the current now provided by a new version of the Russ Andrews PowerPak.

Two separate models are available. There's an MM version (£399) for turntables fitted with moving magnet cartridges. An MC model, (£599) is aimed at moving coil users.

Russ Andrews' managing director commented: "Our moving coil equipped turntables have never sounded so good - clean, three-dimensional, detailed, dynamic, fast and highly engaging".

The PH-1's compact dimensions (180 x 50 x 145mm) make placement easy. The two units come in a black extruded-aluminium case, fitted with an oak fascia. A two-year guarantee is included with each model.