The major change here is one that we've already seen from HTC and Samsung: namely, the ability to take pictures while recording. It's a trick that's been around for a long, long time on video cameras, but it's nifty and works well on the iPhone 5.

Our only gripe is that it isn't easy to tell when you've actually taken the photo, so you just have to click and hope at times.

The video camera, which can record 30fps footage at 1080p, now packs video stabilisation to make sure your home movies don't look like you're running the from the Blair Witch every time.

It's pretty good, as you can see from our video comparison with the S3 - in short, it comes up with impressive videos time and again, and we can see many examples on the way of film makers or other producers showing how amazing they are by doing content on the iPhone 5.