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HTC Desire C review
HTC's new budget phone looks to set the bar at the bottom end

The HTC Desire C offers up by 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi b/g/n, letting you get online easily.

HTC has gone to town with its Sense overlay on the browser, which aesthetic tweaks here and there, allowing it to blend in with the rest of the user experience.

It's a clear and concise layout, which is easy to navigate, but tap in a web address and hit go and the 600MHz processor comes to haunt you.

HTC Desire C review

There is a significant wait time for pages to load, with content heavy sites taking 15 seconds or so to load, even when connected to Wi-Fi.

HTC Desire C review

The small screen means a lot of zooming is required on non-mobile sites and the HVGA resolution means it isn't the clearest, with text and images appearing slightly pixelated.

The larger 4-inch display on the Ascend G300, coupled with its faster processor, gives a much better browsing experience than the Desire C.

A useful addition on the browser is the Read function. This button appears next to the URL bar on certain websites, such as those with news articles, and tapping it will strip all the ads, headers and images, serving up just the text in a zoomed in view, making it easy to digest.

Zooming is easy, with the standard pinch controls, but it's not as smooth as phones with beefier chips, with text and images taking a couple of seconds to render each time you zoom in or out.

The Desire C does re-flow the text automatically when you zoom in, which is a handy feature and makes reading longer articles easier.

Bookmarks are handled in the normal Android fashion, with a thumbnail view displaying your favourite sites and a simple menu option to add a page to the list.

HTC Desire C review

You can also access your browsing history, favourites and offline reading list via tabs on the bookmarking page.

As alluded to in the previous sentence, you can also save pages to a reading list – making them available to read offline; perfect if you're going to be out of signal for a while.

To make use of this feature simply select the menu option in the browser when on the page you wish to save, press Add to and select reading list.

HTC Desire C review

Flash is supported on the Desire C, and pre-installed, although we had to tick the "Enable flash" box in the browser menu before we were able to view content. Simple to do, but we wonder why it's not turned on by default.

With Flash enabled you're able to watch videos on the BBC website, however load times are still very slow – although playback didn't experience any stuttering on lag once it had buffered.