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Belkin MacBook Air Carrying Case review

A carrier to augment your traditional laptop bag

Belkin MacBook Air Carrying Case
Designed to keep portability at a premium, the Belkin Macbook Air carrying case is perfect for those who travel light

Our Verdict

A useful device that will serve as both a protective padded case and a convenient carry bag


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • A bit minimalistic

Belkin's MacBook Air case won't replace your laptop bag, but it was never intended to. Because, it's really a protective sleeve with an added twist…

The case is padded, which protects against scratches and scrapes, but it isn't much use against impact damage.

Designed for the MacBook Air, it also fits the rest of the MacBook range, albeit a little snugly.

It offers a detachable shoulder strap, which can be removed to turn your case into a handy – if somewhat minimalistic – carry bag. With your notebook inside its sleeve, you can slot it into your regular laptop bag or suitcase for lengthy journeys.

When you reach your destination, attach the strap and use it as a convenient day-to-day carry bag for when portability is a bigger issue than storage space. The MacBook Air Carrying Case also comes with two zips and a keen price.