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New Google feature hooks you up with a real doctor via video chat

Doctor Who
Wrong kind of Doctor (although that would be even cooler)

What's better than consulting Google when there's something ailing you?

Hopefully your answer is "a lot of things," but specifically in this case we're talking about speaking to a real, actual, human doctor - and soon a Google search may let you do just that.

Google has quietly rolled out a trial of a feature that is inviting certain users to video chat directly with a doctor after they search using certain terms, like "knee pain."

A Redditor discovered the feature, which Google hadn't announced publicly, and Engadget confirmed that it's legit.

Now cough

Obviously speaking to a doctor over the internet isn't as good as seeing one in person (although that has its downsides too, cough cough).

But if your main concern is the expense you might rack up, rest easy - Google is apparently footing the bill, at least during this trial period.

The feature isn't available to everyone - our various searches on an Android device and in a browser yielded only a recommendation from Google that we "consult a doctor," but not an offer to connect us with one on the house.

Nevertheless we're looking forward to this possibly rolling out further, as it's got to be better than driving yourself crazy on WebMD and Wikipedia.