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TomTom Touch deal helps you learn how much muscle you have for less

Everyone wants to make sure they’re being healthy without having to do too much… well, that’s kind of impossible.

But the next best thing is being able to monitor your exercise levels daily, along with the percentage of muscle you’re creating to help boost the feelgood factor and get you enjoying exercise.

That’s where the TomTom Touch comes in - this little activity tracker can not only do the normal stuff of monitoring your steps and distance covered, but will let you know how well you’re sleeping as well as your percentage of muscle.

It’s available on Amazon Prime Day for only £69.99 (for the large strap… the smaller model is confusingly still £96.99) - this is a top deal at the moment, although we have seen it as low as £59.99 in weeks gone by.

Don't forget - this is a Lightning Deal, and if it's not already sold you, you won't be able to get it after 6.30 PM.

No, you still look good

Anyway - at least it can tell you how strong you are… although that’s followed by the percentage of fat covering your body… but remember you need a little bit to protect your organs, so in reality you’re just being really careful to pad your kidneys.

This smart accessory will also give you notifications from your phone, and access to the fully-featured TomTom app, where you can track your progress and note exercise done. The Touch can track your runs and such, but with no GPS don’t expect a huge amount of accuracy.

A good little activity tracker that’s had a good discount from the £80 it was offered for yesterday - something to think about if you’re looking to step up from being so sedentary.

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