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Sky+ customers get feature that makes binge-watching even easier

Sky+ customers - not being forgotten
Sky+ customers - not being forgotten

Sky+ customers will get a key new bit of functionality, with the company announcing that it's rolling out a feature that will begin downloading the next recording in a series when you start watching the previous one.

The feature has already been announced for Sky's flagship Sky Q service, but will also arrive for millions of Sky+ customers.

The feature allows for a more seamless viewing experience, and could be seen as a direct reaction to streaming service rivals like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Sky+ new homepage

Their (pretty much) instant streaming services have been a huge boon to a binge-watching generation, but the need to download to the Sky+ box means that any binge session had previously needed to be planned if a seamless session was desired.

This functionality should mean that the next episode is always ready when watching a box set.

The update will also bring a new Sky+ homepage and other user interface improvements, and will be rolling out imminently.

It may also go some way to assuaging worries that Sky would not be supporting its older platform.