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US army upgrades Windows to Vista, not 7

Windows Vista
American soldiers will have to get used to Vista's quirks

With all the excitement about Windows 7 arriving soon to kick its predecessor into touch it's a surprise to hear anything much at all about Vista, not least that the entire US army is migrating to the older OS.

By the end of this year the army's entire battalion of almost three quarters of a million desktop PCs will be running Vista, as well as Office 2007 upgraded from the 2003 version.

Compatibility check

Even though Windows 7 will launch well before the end of the year, the military approval process for Vista has long been underway, checking compatibility and security issues.

Vista's better data encryption features are likely to have been a factor in the upgrade decision, but let's just hope the military folk don't mind that pesky little BSOD that comes with it all.