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Sky TV Buy & Keep adds Blu-ray discs and digital downloads alongside DVD

Sky has updated its Buy & Keep offering, bringing more options when it comes to what formats viewers can buy movies in through its platform.

Previously, Buy & Keep let movie fans get a copy of a film on DVD alongside a digital file beamed to their boxes. Now the company also offers up an option to get a high-definition Blu-ray disc instead of the DVD, or just the lone digital file.

Pricing, as you'd imagine, reflects each format. The standalone digital downloads start at £9.99, the DVD and download sits at £13.99 and the Blu-ray and download will be priced at £16.99. You can buy from Sky's service without being a Sky TV subscriber, too, using the Sky Store online or a Now TV box.

Library builders

It's a nice incentive for those that prefer to own a physical copy along with their digital downloads, with the hi-def discs being a long overdue element that's often been requested.

As for the films themselves, they're often available through the digital download store ahead of a physical retail release, meaning you can get the film earlier than with other options and still be delivered a disc when they become available.

While there's still no 4K Blu-ray option offered, Sky Q customers have an increasing amount of UHD content they can view on their boxes. Check out our picks for the best Sky Q 4K movies and TV to watch.