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HTC's GoPro-like 'RECamera' looks like it belongs on a submarine

HTC RECamera
The HTC RECamera could be the ultimate selfie snapper

HTC teased its upcoming GoPro-rivaling camera in a video on September 24, although the teaser (maybe) didn't provide any glimpses at the device itself.

Luckily a snooping Reddit user discovered two possible photos of the "RECamera" slinking around on the device's official site around the same time the video was released.

The photos have since been removed, but not before the Redditor, and we in turn, could save them.

The RECamera in these shots looks like a lens stuck in a short length of PVC pipe - or the periscope of a tiny, adorable submarine.

HTC RECamera

Dive! Dive! Dive!

We all live in a selfie submarine

The Reddit user also discovered mentions of an accompanying app that might be called "REMoments."

For now that's all we know about the HTC RECamera, besides that it will be fully announced on October 8 - plus the clues in Wednesday's teaser video.

The video showed footage captured underwater and in slow-motion, hinting at the RECamera's capabilities.

And naturally, with that form factor, we have to assume that HTC's GoPro rival will absolutely excel at selfies.