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Is this the death of FM radio on our phones?

LG Stylus 2
LG Stylus 2

The smartphone has munched up so many devices into one converged behemoth - and a portable FM radio was one of the first to join the party. However, that technology might be about to get phased out.

LG has confirmed its forthcoming Stylus 2 is the first phone to boast new DAB+ technology - far superior to FM tech - and give phones a slew of new and more premium ways to listen to music and talk for free.

DAB+ offers more channels than traditional FM and means you won't be using your data to stream online content, with DAB-like apps such as BBC iPlayer Radio in the UK requiring a connection to function.

An elongated death rattle

But don't despair if you love the hiss: FM Radio isn't dead yet. It's still available on a slew of phones such as the Sony Xperia Z5 series, the LG G5 and the Huawei Mate 8.

But there's certainly a trend toward the technology being taken out of handsets. Apple has never included an FM radio in an iPhone and Samsung hasn't included it in its Galaxy S line since the Galaxy S3 in 2012, with other brands seeing less of a need for it in their flagship handsets.

None of these phones have seen fit to introduce DAB+ technology to replace it yet though, so unless you're going to get the (possibly limited release) LG Stylus 2 then you'll be stuck streaming through apps for now.