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HTC M4 could be metallic-clad rival to Galaxy S4 mini

HTC M4 could be metallic clad rival to Galaxy S4 mini
This, but smaller

It seems it's not only Samsung which is planning to scale down its latest flagship handset into a more affordable option, with rumours suggesting the HTC M4 will be the pint sized brother of the HTC One.

We've already seen a number of reports pointing towards a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, and now


and its infamous "upstream supply chain sources" claim HTC is looking to capitalise on a brand name as well.

According to the somewhat dubious sources, the HTC M4 - which we assume is a working title - will arrive in June with an estimated 70,000 units making up the initial shipment.

What a Catch(er)

All this comes from a company called Catcher Technology, which claims to be the sole provider of the metal-alloy chassis for the M4 - suggesting the cheaper device will sport the same premium finish of its big brother.

Catcher currently manufactures the chassis for the HTC One so it does seem well placed to provide future materials for the Taiwanese firms, but these sources are very much hit and miss.

We wouldn't be overly surprised if HTC decided to produce a cut-down handset to target those on smaller budgets, especially after the positive reviews garnered by the HTC One.

Via PhoneArena