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HTC doubles G1 Android shipments

Android: on the up
Android: on the up

HTC has apparently doubled its projected shipments of the T-Mobile G1 handset after demand for the device has soared to unprecedented levels.

The company now thinks it can shift a million units of the new mobile phone by the end of 2009, outstripping many of its more powerful rivals' releases by some margin.


Earlier projections of 400,000-600,000 from analysts, based on perceived demand, have now been quashed, so Google must be feeling pretty content at the moment with its first effort.

Although it has only been available in the wild for a month so far, the imminent sales in countries such as the Netherlands, Austria and Germany will help drive demand even further.

HTC's CEO Peter Chou also expects to sell three million HTC Touch Diamond handsets by the year's end, although this model has had a much longer lead time after being released early in 2008.