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RIM shows off Android apps for PlayBook

PlayBook - soon with added Android
PlayBook - soon with added Android
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RIM has shown off the Android app integration for BlackBerry PlayBook at its annual BlackBerry World event in Orlando.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is currently somewhat lacking in the app department because it runs a new QNX-based OS, so even existing BlackBerry apps are not compatible; RIM is hoping to combat this by porting Android apps to the new slate.

All the Android apps will be made available through App World, where icons are presented as regular PlayBook apps.

BlackBerry playbook android apps

Special compensation has been made for the fact that PlayBook doesn't have the buttons that Android handsets do.


With a Piano Android app running on a PlayBook, the RIM representatives showed off how swiping up and down on menu bars allow you to navigate the app, in the same way that native PlayBook apps are controlled.

BlackBerry playbook android apps

As well as showing off the live Android apps, including the IMDB app and a solitaire game, RIM also gave us a sneak peek at its native email, calendar and contacts apps for PlayBook, which will be launching this summer.

BlackBerry playbook email app

Of course, the UK market is yet to get its hands on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet; there has been no official word from RIM on the UK PlayBook release date yet, although a June launch is anticipated.

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