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Yahoo buys Summly, immediately kills it

Yahoo buys Summly, immediately kills it
More than the Summly of its parts

Having only officially launched in November 2012, Summly has been bought and subsequently closed by Yahoo in a deal that also netted its young founder a job.

Nick D'Aloisio was only 15 when he built the original Summly back in 2011, summarising the news into a simple, attractive interface that can be quickly and easily scanned on a phone or tablet.

He bagged funding of over a million dollars from tech-friendly celebs including Ashton Kutcher and Zynga's CEO Mark Pincus.


All is not entirely lost though - D'Aloisio and his colleagues will be joining the ranks at Yahoo which means we can expect to see a similar Yahoo-branded product in the coming months, or at the very least what Yahoo describes as, "the technology com[ing] to life throughout Yahoo's mobile experiences".

Yeah, that sounds better than a standalone app.

Anyway, the deal is currently going through with everything set to be finalised at some point in Q2. No word on how much D'Aloisio got out of the acquisition but he's unlikely to be short of cash as a result.