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Microsoft's new Spartan browser supports extensions - take that IE

Project Spartan Windows 10 browser
Project Spartan will ship with Windows 10

Internet Explorer lacks many features compared to better browsers like Chrome and Firefox, including the popular add-ons called extensions.

That will change with Microsoft's new Windows 10 browser, codenamed Project Spartan, which the company hopes will appeal to fans of Google's and Mozilla's browsers.

Microsoft's @IE Dev Chat Twitter account confirmed during a conversation with users that they're "working on a plan for extensions for a future update to Project Spartan."

Off to a good start

Extensions let users customize their browsers with a variety of features.

According to The Verge Microsoft is also working on a way for developers to port their Chrome extensions directly to Spartan, streamlining the process and potentially ensuring Spartan gains a library of extensions as quickly as possible.

Project Spartan will ship with all Windows 10 devices beginning this year.