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Google still battling to perfect delayed YouTube Music streaming service?

YouTube music service delayed because Google wants it to be just right?
Google is yet to pull the trigger on YouTube music service

Google still hasn't nailed plans for its proposed YouTube music streaming service, which has caused the firm to further delay the launch, according to reports.

According to Billboard, the firm agreed the necessary deals with record labels a year ago, but have stopped short of going live with the service until it can perfect the proposition.

The report claims Google is conscious that the product must be right before launch, and must offer something clear and distinct from rival services like Spotify and Rdio in order to be successful.

"They feel that there's just too much scrutiny of this product, and that they need to get it right out of the gate," a major record label source told Billboard.


The firm is also grappling with how to showcase tracks that don't have an official video, according to the report, experimenting with static artwork and dynamic photos for those songs.

Another complication is the existing presence of the Google Play Music All Access service, with the company hoping the YouTube based service will complement rather than compete.

"They want to have something that can seamlessly complement what they currently have," the source added.

In previous years Google has preferred to launch beta versions of its products and has allowed them to develop over time.

In this case, it appears those waiting for a YouTube streaming service will get a complete service when it eventually launches.