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Microsoft unveils IE10 Platform Preview 2

IE10 - on the way
IE10 - on the way

Microsoft has announced the availability of Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2, as it continues to develop its next-generation browser.

With IE9 all about bringing the 'beauty of the web' IE10 is aiming to add a little bit more makeup and maybe some blusher, with continued integration of HTML 5 and support for more interactive web applications.

"With the second Platform Preview of IE10, developers can start working with several site-ready HTML5 technologies for building interactive Web applications with great performance and security," stated Microsoft.

Building on IE9

"The Platform Preview can be downloaded from the IE Test Drive site, where you'll also find some new demos which showcase new capabilities within IE10 Platform Preview 2," it adds.

IE9 has been something of a hit for Microsoft, with a renewed focus on speed and simplicity and the adoption of key standards like HTML5.

The browser war has never been feistier, with the likes of Google Chrome and Apple's Safari battling against Firefox and Internet Explorer to capture more market share.