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iTunes Match gets iOS developer release

iTunes Match gets iOS developer release
And here's the proof, should you require it

Apple has released iTunes Match to iOS developers, suggesting that the music service and iOS 5 are gearing up for a September launch.

iTunes Match allows users to scan their music collection making it accessible from the cloud on all iOS devices for $25 a year, including all your slightly less-than-legal downloads, in place of which you'll receive a high quality, label-sanctioned version as long as you keep paying up each year.

A screengrab of the settings tab for the iOS app reveals that you can toggle iTunes Match on and off as you fancy – presumably so you can switch back to your iPod MP3s should you be going offline.

Lucky devs

The beta version of the service is only available to those enrolled in Apple's developer programme, though, so average Joes like us still have a bit of a wait before we can check out the service ourselves.

In fact, British average Joes may not even get iTunes Match with the launch of iOS 5, given that Apple has never actually confirmed a UK launch.

Over here, we may have to make do with Boinc, which is set to launch here by the end of the year and offers a similar service, albeit for a one-off fee instead of an annual subscription.

Via Engadget