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Celebrate Shakespeare's life (and death) with Twitter's latest custom emoji

Shakespeare emoji
Make the most of the new Shakespeare emoji.

Twitter's made a habit of releasing custom emoji to celebrate sporting events and movie releases, and the latest tailor-made graphic has been launched in honour of the world's most favourite playwright: use #ShakespeareLives to see it in your own tweets.

The occasion is the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, and you can also use the hashtag #Shakespeare400 to get involved (and activate the emoji). Sir Patrick Stewart kicked off the digital festivities by quoting one of his favourite lines.

"For those who want to celebrate by truly bringing the Bard into the present day, we'll be imagining what Shakespeare would Tweet if he were alive," says Twitter's Julia White. "Because he would totally be on Twitter and probably love a GIF."

There are all kinds of events happening on the anniversary (23 April) on Twitter, Periscope and beyond, so literature lovers shouldn't be stuck for inspiration or entertainment over the weekend. The occasion has even earned its own Google doodle.

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