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UK resists EU broadband plan

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UK wants more fibre, but not as EU plans
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The UK Government has indicated that it isn't be ready to go along with the European Commission's plan to knock down barriers to the roll out of high speed broadband through the EU.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the lead department for the Government's policy on broadband, has told TRPro that it believes the Commission's plan for legislation is unnecessary and that other approaches should be explored.

A representative of the DCMS said: "The UK supports the objective of making it as easy as possible for private sector companies to roll out broadband networks, and has itself made efforts to remove barriers to broadband deployment.

"The Commission has only just issued its draft proposals but at this stage we are concerned that the approach is too prescriptive and that a 'one size fits all' regulation is not appropriate either to the circumstances of individual member states or to the barriers that the regulation is seeking to approach."

The EU's proposed legislation would give broadband network operators more access to infrastructure such as ducts, cabinets and poles, and ensure that permits for relevant work are granted or refused within six months. It would also require new or renovated buildings to be ready for high speed broadband.