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Microsoft keeps its Xbox One games at 360 prices for UK

UK price for first-party Xbox One games confirmed
"How much, you say?"

Microsoft has confirmed that first-party Xbox One games in the UK will have the same £49.99 RRP as current Xbox 360 titles.

Of course, most retailers sell games with their own discount taken off, and you can bet a dollar or two that this trend will continue with the new generation of consoles.

For now though, Microsoft's online store has Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Mororsport and Kinect Sports Rivals all priced at £50, and other online retailers might keep things closer to the same price point for the time being.

The price is right

Microsoft previously confirmed that first-party titles in the US would cost $59.99, keeping in line with its current pricing strategy, so the UK news isn't hugely shocking.

However, EA recently attached a £54.99 RRP to its next-gen titles, putting it a little higher than current, so it will be a relief to many to see that Microsoft hasn't made a similar move.

Whether other third-party developers will follow in EA's footsteps still remains to be seen. But in this world of Steam summer sales and mobile gaming, it's becoming more difficult to justify a higher price tag.