Xbox One games to cost the same as Xbox 360 games

Xbox One game prices
Does DRM keep next-gen prices down?

Microsoft won't be charging gamers more for its next-generation Xbox One titles, even though it has dramatically increased the price of the console over Xbox 360's launch price.

First party games made by the company will cost the same as their Xbox 360 counterparts in the U.S., it was revealed today.

"I can confirm that Microsoft Studios games on Xbox One will be $59.99," said a Microsoft spokesperson to Polygon.

While the Microsoft representative didn't confirm the U.K. price of Xbox One games, the status quo should remain in effect worldwide with an MSRP of £39.99.

It should also be noted that games from third-party companies could in theory see a price bump to help cover the cost of next-generation development, but this remains unlikely.

Price still an issue

So far, retailers like Amazon and GameStop are taking pre-orders for first and third-party Xbox One games at these standardized prices.

That's good news for queueing Xbox One owners willing to pay $499 (UK£429, AU$599) for the day one edition of the console.

However, there's no getting around the fact that Microsoft's next-generation system already comes with a premium over PS4.

Sony announced that its console will debut around the same time for $399 (UK£349, AU$549) and that PS4 won't be as restrictive when it comes to playing used games and requiring online check ins.

On the plus side, Microsoft's all-in-one console does live up to its nickname by including the new Kinect camera sensor out of the box. It's just not going to help budget-conscious consumers in November.

Whether or not Xbox One pre-orderers will buy fewer games at launch won't be the result of the games costing more, but may be because the system is more money upfront.

Matt Swider