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Microsoft moves into fashion business

Windows logo
How cool is this? Not very...

Perhaps concerned at its image that's rather more fuddy-duddy than cooler rivals like Apple, Microsoft has added an unusual new line to its product range – clothing.

The first garments are all t-shirts that come with a selection of retro logos and slogans from the early days of the company. As if that weren't in fact geeky enough, Ballmer and co. have decided to label the shirts 'Softwear by Microsoft'.

Common designs

Still, Microsoft's ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky has managed to salvage something from the PR stunt by enlisting trendy hip-hopster Common to front the campaign and 'design' a few of the t-shirts.

So, come 15 December, if you fancy wearing a Bill Gates mugshot or a DOS logo on your chest, you'll know where to go.