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Belkin updates TuneCast for iPhone 3G

Belkin TuneCast Auto
Belkin TuneCast Auto

Belkin has updated its TuneCast Auto to work with the new Apple iPhone 3G.

The TuneCast auto has passed all the necessary tests to earn the coveted 'works with iPhone' brand from Apple.

As you may expect, the TuneCast Auto send your favourite tunes via the radio waves so that you can listen to your Justin Timberlake album through your car stereo.

Clear Scan

Boasting ClearScan technology - which will scan for the clearest FM frequency to broadcast on – the TuneCast also has that old skool line out to use with car-stereo inputs or cassette adapters

It's available now for £49.99 and also works with the majority of newer iPods and the old iPhone as well.