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Casio launches world's fastest compact camera

Casio's Kazuo Kashio shows off Casio's new speedy compact
Casio's Kazuo Kashio shows off Casio's new speedy compact

Casio announced today in its CES keynote that it has managed to squeeze its high-speed technology into a new compact camera range.

According to Casio, putting the tech into a compact size means that "with high-speed shooting that captures even the most fleeting moments, people can now take dramatic photos at any time, revealing a whole new world never noticed before."

High-speed Exilm

2008 was the year of High-speed Exilm for Casio. The technology was put into the company's mid-range EX-F1 and the EX-FH20, and meant that consumers could should burst speeds of 60fps, along with super slow-motion and high-speed movie recording of up to 1200 fps.

Speaking through an interpreter president and CEO of Casio, Kazuo Kashio, pointed out how Casio has helped revolutionise digital cameras with this speedy tech. Now, in 2009, consumers will be able to utilise this technology in compact form, with the 9MP EFX-10 compact and the X-FC100. The cameras will retail at $349 and $399 respectively. There's no word yet when the cameras will reach the UK.

Expect more detailed specs tomorrow, when TechRadar will get a hands-on with the EFX-10.