Loewe's brought everything in-house to release its stunning new OLED TVs

Loewe Inspire DR+
(Image credit: Loewe)

One of the most interesting things about Loewe's stunning new OLED TVs isn't the picture quality or the design, both of which we know are going to be enormously satisfying. It's how they're made. The new inspire dr+ range (no, no caps anywhere) is the first Loewe TV range to be made completely in-house – and that includes the panels. 

The German luxury manufacturer began making its own OLED panels in-house just over a month ago – at a briefing in Berlin at the end of April, Christian Alber, Loewe's chief operating instructor told us, "we get the glass from LG but we assemble the complete product". The company has also said that its aim is to make one of the most modern display factories anywhere in the world. "In the display assembly, man and machine act in harmony to achieve the best possible quality and performance," Loewe said – and since last month, everything from the design and software development to the final assembly is happening in the firm's Kronach HQ.

'A new dawn for home entertainment'

I do love high-end company marketing. There's always a bit of drama to the way products are presented, and the press release for the new inspires is no exception. This, says Loewe, is nothing short of "a new dawn for home entertainment", in TVs that deliver "the pinnacle of picture quality". But there is substance to the claims: each TV is individually calibrated at Loewe's factory to meet filmmakers' standards for picture and colour quality, and the new range has a new version of Loewe's operating system, os8.

Each new inspire comes with twin HDMI 2.1 with the latest versions of CEC, HDCP, ALLM and VRR with UHD at 120Hz. There's eARC for your soundbar and a choice of four sizes: 48 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 77 inches. The 55-inch and 65-inch models will be available this month, June 2024, and the 48-inch and 77-inch versions will be available in September.

Prices? Of course – although the only official prices here are the UK ones (we've estimated the US and Australian asking fees). 

Loewe inspire dr+ 48 OLED Ultra HD SL8 - £2,799 (around $3,540 or AU$5,310)
Loewe inspire dr+ 55 OLED Ultra HD SL8 - £3,099 (around $3,915 or AU$5,880)
Loewe inspire dr+ 65 OLED Ultra HD SL8 - £3,899 (around $4,926 or AU$7,399)
Loewe inspire dr+ 77 OLED Ultra HD SL8 - £5,999 (around $7,580 or AU$11,385)

No, they're not cheap. Doesn't mean they won't make it into our list of the best OLED TVs around though – after a thorough review, of course. 

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