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HTC Desire C review
HTC's new budget phone looks to set the bar at the bottom end

The HTC Desire C does video too, with the 5MP sensor round the back offering up VGA (640 x 480) quality recording – not scintillating by any means, but just about acceptable for a low-end device.

The video recorder is accessed via the camera app, but instead of switching to a separate video mode within the app, there's just a video record button next to the shutter button.

The video settings are bundled into the same menu as the camera options, but it's laid out in a simple way, so not to confuse users.

HTC Desire C review

You get the same six effects; greyscale, sepia, solarise, posterize, negative and aqua, and if you so require you can record at lower resolutions, the lowest being 176x144 – perfect for MMS.

The lack of a flash means that recording in low-light or dark places is out of the question if you want to actually see anything and with no auto or tap to focus the Desire C can find it difficult to keep on top of moving objects.

You can use the zoom before hitting record, and handily while recording too, which is not always available, even on the higher end phones - quality is reduced the further you zoom in though.

Check out our video sample below to get a real feel for the recording quality of the Desire C.