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HTC Desire C review
HTC's new budget phone looks to set the bar at the bottom end


HTC Desire C review

When it comes to contact management HTC is one of the best with its implementation, although the Desire C falls a little short of the high standards we're used to.

Boot up the HTC Desire C for the first time and you're encouraged to sign into your Google and Facebook accounts and the phone will then try and match relevant contacts between the two.

We witnessed the likes of the HTC One X, Desire S and original Desire magically match the majority of our contacts with unerring accuracy – although the same can't be said for the Desire C.

The Desire C only managed to successfully match a handful of our friends with their Facebook profiles, with us then having to go through and manually joining up the others one by one – frustratingly slow, especially when you know HTC has cracked this problem already.

HTC Desire C review

HTC has decided that the contacts should be named 'People', so that's where you'll need to head to find all your best buds.

The People app is similar to the stock Android offering, but HTC has made some visual tweaks, which gives it a cleaner, more inviting feel.

Straightforward to use, the magnifying glass and plus sign icons at the top clearly denote search and add contact.

When you've successfully linked contacts to their Facebook profiles it pulls through their profile picture, and if you click on a contact, you'll also notice the Desire C has pulled through their status updates and pictures from the social networking site, found under the Updates and Gallery tabs respectively.

Unfortunately if you're a fan of Twitter or Google+ (anyone?) then the Desire C is going to let you down, as, for some reason, HTC does not allow you to join either of these social networks with your contacts.

We honestly can't understand why this option isn't available, as you can add these accounts on the higher powered One V and co. Disappointing.


HTC Desire C review

The Phone app on the HTC Desire C is a simple affair, with a dialler taking up the bottom half of the screen, with your recent calls list appearing above.

Starting tapping out a number or name and you'll realise the Desire C has smart dial, offering up contact suggestions from your address book – helping you get to the person you want quicker.

There's no front-facing camera on the Desire C, which means video calls are out of the question, but that's no surprise for a budget handset.

Call quality is perfectly acceptable, as it is with many-a mobile phone these days, and we didn't experience any issues during our tests.

HTC Desire C review

The volume goes up high enough to hear your chums, even in noisy environments; however the speaker phone can experience distortion if turned up too loud.

Once in a call you have the option to toggle between the earpiece and the built in speaker phone, as well as muting your microphone and calling up the keyboard for those annoying automated systems.

We did not experience any issues with network coverage or connection, with the HTC Desire C able to keep us online in all our normal areas of coverage.