Samsung Q330
This ultraportable is surprisingly well featured for its price

The compact Samsung Q330 only just fits into the sub-2kg ultra-portable category, but it's all the more impressive considering the quality of the solid chassis. While there are undoubtedly slimmer and lighter laptops out there, the Samsung boasts a Core i3 processor and a premium build that few laptops at this price range can match.

We liked

Build quality is excellent, with a firm brushed aluminium chassis that feels as solid as it looks. Despite this, the Samsung Q330 is highly portable, with a weight of just 2kg and a maximum thickness of 30mm.

An Intel Core i3 processor provides great performance for the price, and can capably multi-task with a variety of applications. This beats most other ultra-portables in this price range and even above.

Samsung q330 review: keyboard

Usability is another strength of the Q330, with the isolation-style keyboard providing a comfortable typing experience. Networking and features are impressive, with a 320GB hard drive providing plenty of storage space.

We disliked

Although this is a highly portable laptop, the 255 minute battery life is less than you'd get out of some other ultra-portables. Even so, the Samsung Q330 will do you for the daily commute and shorter journeys.

The glossy screen is too reflective in bright light, which hinders use outdoors. This is a laptop best used inside or in darkened train carriages.

Finally, although the Core i3 CPU provides great performance, there's no dedicated graphics card on board. You'll still have enough power for photo and light video editing and even running older games, but that's the limit.

Samsung q330 review: front view


The Samsung Q330 is a fantastic mid-range laptop and a strong ultra-portable. Its performance particularly impresses given the slim chassis and slimmer price, while the overall build quality is something we'd expect from a more expensive machine. We'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable machine for use on the go.

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