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Q Acoustics Q-TV2 review

Want to wrap you flatscreen in a sonic shroud?

Q Acoustics Q-TV2
This hidden speaker system for flatpanel TVs is perfect for those looking for an alternative to a soundbar or 5.1 system

TechRadar Verdict

If you are looking to upgrade your HDTV speakers and want to avoid the wires of a 5.1 system this this is a good choice and well worth considering


  • +

    Sound improvement is immediate and obvious

  • +

    Practically invisible once fitted


  • -

    Sound is rather brash and bright

  • -

    No tone control other than bass curve adjustment

  • -

    Bit expensive

A 2.1-channel speaker enhancement system for flatscreen TVs, Q Acoustics' Q-TV2 bolts to the back of the telly, and consists of a vibration-cancelled subwoofer with a downward-firing port, two side speakers which can be angled to hug the sides of the TV, and a built-in amplification system.

Once assembled the whole rig should be practically invisible. Fitting is achieved using VESA standard mounting brackets and spacers.

This model fits on sets from 30-42in, but versions for larger and smaller screens should be on the way.

Connection is via a line output, headphone output or optical digital output, so depending on the connection type, some sets will let you mute their internal speaker and control the Q-TV2 volume with the TV remote; if not you control the Q-TV2 volume with its own handset.

There's also a socket for input from an iPod or similar device; you don't have to have the TV switched on to use this.

Sound improvement is immediate and obvious, adding 50W of bass in the 50Hz-180Hz range and 25W from the four 1in 180Hz-20kHz BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) side drivers. Once fitted the system does appear practically invisible and essentially becomes a part of your flatscreen.

The overall sound is rather brash and bright, and other than a bass curve adjustment, there's no tone control. Could be a bit of a hard sell to someone who has already spent £600 or more on a TV.

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