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TeenTech titans showcase their work in special iPad magazine

Teen Tech Awards magazine
Teen Tech Awards magazine
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The TeenTech Awards at the Royal Society gave a group of aspiring journalists the unique opportunity to help put together an iPad magazine.

Six youngsters collaborated with MacFormat Editor Christopher Phin and a team of top talent from Future Publishing to produce the magazine, which will be available on iTunes through the MacFormat app.

"This was fun!" said Phin "The Royal Society was bursting with enthusiasm and potential from the students – not least from the group of six journalism finalists we worked with to produce a real iPad magazine right on the day of the awards.

"We set up a proper magazine team, with me as editor, Simply Knitting's Jenny Phin as production editor and Computer Arts' Jo Gulliver as art editor. We commissioned the students as we would any other contributor, and, working with page templates designed by our managing art editor Alex Thomas, guided them though the complete digital publishing process."

The TTA mag in MacFormat's container

The TTA mag in MacFormat's container

"Despite the enormous pressure of time – and the distractions of Brian Cox, James May, Liz Bonnin, Dallas Campbell and more! – they produced some excellent text as well as photos that really captured the day," he added.

"It's a testament to the speed and flexibility of Future's own FutureFolio software that we could, in a day, collaboratively create an interactive iPad magazine – and a testament to the talent and promise of the students discovered by the TeenTech Awards!"

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