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Windows 10 could get a simple switch to turn S mode on or off

Windows 10

Fresh speculation concerning Windows 10 has popped up which suggests that Microsoft is planning on introducing a switch that will allow users to easily turn S mode on or off.

So, a quick bit of background which might be useful: Windows 10 S was originally a fresh spin on the desktop OS that was designed to be more secure and locked down to run only apps from Windows 10’s store, and Microsoft later turned this into a simple mode, rather than a standalone variant of the OS.

And when it comes to a machine pre-installed with S mode turned on, it’s easy enough to switch back to standard Windows 10 using a simple app from the Microsoft Store.

This is a one-way switch, though – or rather it’s no trivial matter to reverse course – but spotted that this may change, as the latest preview build of Windows 10 has a ‘Switch to S mode’ option under Windows Settings.

This isn’t actually an implemented feature in the test build, merely a placeholder option that pops up when you type in the Settings search box. So it merely suggests that Microsoft is going to implement a Switch to S mode, and the speculation is that this would be a simple switch that allows you to turn the mode on or off at will.

Switch tricks?

Thurrott further speculates that perhaps the switch will allow you to turn S mode off, and install drivers, or apps that aren’t in the Microsoft Store, under full-fat Windows 10, then switch S mode back on and keep those applications in place.

But that seems unlikely as it rather defeats the whole point of having S mode as a secure spin on the operating system.

Indeed, nothing may come of this at all – it could be something Microsoft is vaguely mulling that never sees the light of day. However, it’s a better bet that if Switch to S mode becomes a reality, it’ll just be an easier way for folks to make their way back into S mode if they wish (without maintaining non-Store apps and the like in place after the reversion).