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The best iPad apps of 2020

The best iPad apps
(Image credit: Apple)

Apps set the iPad apart from other tablets, whether you need to work on office tasks, learn something new, make music, watch a movie or become a digital artist.

But which apps are worth your cash and time? We’ve tested thousands to come up with our definitive list of the best apps for iPad right now.

You'll find them split into categories on the following pages, but first see below for our favorite iPad app of the last two weeks.

iPad app of the week: Jamm Pro ($9.99/£9.99/AU$14.99)

(Image credit: Ninja Tune)

Jamm Pro sits apart from other music-making apps on iPad. Whereas most ape real-world kit, Jamm Pro is a unique instrument in and of itself - and a hugely powerful one for working with samples.

It initially looks like a bewildering grid of buttons, and you’re best off starting with one of the included sound sets, so you can slowly master the app. As you poke around, you’ll discover the app’s mix of raw power and tactile controls that unleash loads of potential, whether you’re scribbling across the screen to manipulate samples, or sculpting a live performance.

This isn’t an easy app to grasp – the lack of immediacy may be off-putting, and even a help overlay doesn’t stop your initial time with the app feeling overwhelming. But stick with it, and Jamm Pro will reveal itself as a deep, powerful, touch-first music-making tool.