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Adidas miCoach Smart Run watch lacks smart price, will cost £350 in the UK

Adidas miCoach Smart Run watch lacking smart price, will cost £350 in the UK
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Earlier this week, Adidas took the wrapper off its miCoach Smart Run watch, which it hopes will tackle fitness gadgets like the Nike FuelBand SE. However, the company stopped short of confirming a UK price.

The company's US pricing of $399 led us to the belief Brits would be paying around £250 for the GPS and Wi-Fi-enabled device. Well, unfortunately, you can add another £100 to that.

The watch, which does not require an accompanying smartphone app to perform its tasks, will be on sale from Adidas direct or from Harrods from November 1 on £350.

What's the beef, Adidas? No love for your fellow Europeans?

Smartest running watch

So with that gripe out of the way, what will runners actually get for their £350? Well quite a lot, in fairness.

The built-in GPS offers accurate run tracking, while Bluetooth allows users to beam music and voice coaching to wireless headphones.

It's also got a built-in heart rate monitor which measures the pulse in your wrist, rather than requiring a chest accessory, and a 1.45-inch touchscreen that's controlled by vertical and horizontal swipes.

On paper, Adidas' bid to build the "smartest" fitness watch has been achieved, but at such a prohibitive price point, it'll likely be one for serious runners only.