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Tinder's Super Like goes global, so you can tell someone you're REALLY interested

Tinder Super Like
Tinder Super Like

Want a way to show a potential date that you really want to match? Tinder has now rolled out its Super Like feature to do exactly that.

Super Like is a new way to swipe on your potential match – throw them up instead of left or right and it'll let the other person know that you've liked before they make their decision on you.

When you appear in their list it'll come up with a blue border to make it clear you're ready and waiting. It was initially tested in Australia but now the feature should be available in your Tinder profile no matter where you are in the world.

Forget left and right

Super Like

You're restricted to one Super Like a day so be careful how you use it – according to Tinder you're three times more likely to match while using one though. If you're a Tinder Plus user you'll get five Super Likes a day.

Tinder does seem to be messing around with a perfectly good formula. The simplicity of the swipe, message and date interaction was what made the app an attractive prospect for those using it.

It'll be interesting to see how much the new Super Like feature affects that.