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This new HTC One M9 update could fix one of its most critical flaws

HTC One M9 update

Infamous information leaker LlabtooFeR has struck again, tweeting two screenshots of the upcoming HTC One M9 software update, showing that HTC is striving to improve its battery capability.

HTC One M9 update

The update, version 1.40, is aiming to improve a variety of battery issues that have plagued the handset thus far. HTC has struggled to make a phone that can do menial tasks, like browsing the web, without chewing up the battery life.

According to the PCMark battery test, the HTC lasted 5 hours and 12 minutes, actually less than the M8.

According to the pair of screenshots leaked, it looks like users will be able to use their phones for more than a day on a single charge, as long as they're not watching all six Star Wars films in a row on their handset.

Unfortunately, there's no word on whether or not this update will resolve any other bugs or annoyances with the phone at the time of this writing. The update could roll out as soon as early next week, so we shouldn't have too long to wait for more answers.

Via Talk Android