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Microsoft Zune-phone rumour a fake

The Zune will be reborn in June... we just don't know how
The Zune will be reborn in June... we just don't know how

Thankfully the rumours that a Zune-phone is set to debut next month are fake, after Microsoft denied it was running the Twitter account and the 'prankster' owned up.

The 'joker' set up the account in order to supposedly Twitter about its Office 2010 launch, but used it to release nuggets of information about a forthcoming Zune launch.

The person in charge of the account has since owned up to his prank, which was supposed to be a chance to highlight iPhone piracy (we don't know how) when he posted this link:

"June 2009 will be an important month for Zune lovers."

And when pushed further by the host of people gagging to know more, he said: "New product launch, that's all I'm allowed to say. Hold off from buying an iPhone/Pre. :)"

Smiles all gone

Microsoft has issued a denial over being linked to the account to Endgaget Mobile, stating: "That account is bunk. Not run by Microsoft so I would not put much stock in what they say. The real Office movie account is"

Microsoft has previously flatly denied a Zune phone is coming, so this makes us feel a whole heap better now the rumour mill is all back in place.

However, the whole idea of project Pink appears to have gained a little momentum, with a belief that the platform will bring the first Windows 7 mobile with a high power internal processor.

It will likely have a huge amount of internal Zune presence within the ecosystem too, which would give rise to the rumours it could be used in the Zune HD (another candidate for release in the near future) will feature Xbox integration somehow.

Via Engadget