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HTC One goes gold for Christmas to the delight of cash-strapped Wise Men

HTC One goes gold for Christmas for cash-strapped Wise Men
Apparently the black accents ooze luxury - sounds a bit messy

Since the limited edition HTC One in 18 carat gold that we got our, er, teeth on earlier this year went down quite well, HTC has launched a new gold version of the handset for Christmas.

It's not actually made of gold like the Mobo-edition device, which means it won't set any modern-day Wise Men back the thousands of pounds the original Gold One would have if it'd had gone on sale. That's what they brought baby Jesus, right? Gold phones, frankincense and myrrh?

Anyway, the gold edition HTC One, which joins the Gold Samsung Galaxy S4 and gold iPhone 5S, is coming to Europe by Christmas, but it's anyone's guess as to which networks will stock it at this point.

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