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HTC: all brands hoping to be next Nexus partner

HTC pitching to be Android Jellybean Nexus partner
Readying the next Nexus

HTC has told TechRadar that it expects all manufacturers are aiming to be the next partner for Google Nexus program when it launches Android 5.0 (Jellybean).

Although Ice Cream Sandwich has yet to reach many phones, the chase to be picked by Google to launch the flagship handset for the next version of Android is already on.

Jeff Gordon, global online communications manager for HTC, said that the notion of being the new Google Nexus partner for the next release of Android is still very attractive to all OEMs, despite the imminent takeover of Motorola from the search giant.

No Android 5.0 release date

Gordon couldn't give an exact date as to when Android 5.0 would be released, but stated that the company is still working heavily on bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to its devices.

He also told us that when Android 4.0 lands on phones such as the HTC Sensation XE it would be with Sense 3.6, rather than the new Sense 4.0 version, as the overlay was developed in tandem with the update.

The HTC One X is set to land in the near future from the Taiwanese brand as the new flagship brand, featuring the latest version of Sense 4 and a quad core processor powered by Nvidia's Tegra 3 chip.