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Samsung uses Mobile Safari browser

Samsungs new SGH-L870 is a pretty good phone - it has decent top end features in Symbian 9.3 and the latest version of the S60 interface, and has a lovely stainless steel body to boot.

But more interesting (and surprising) is the fact it also boasts Apple’s Mobile Safari browser, currently only available in the iPhone and iPod touch.

The Samsung L870 is not touch sensitive, so it’s unlikely the “pinch and zoom” function that has helped make Apple’s devices so popular will be ported over.

Mouse or mobile?

But the move does start to raise questions about whether the Safari mobile browser could become the programme considered when designing web pages.

If users are increasingly going to be viewing the internet without a mouse, hovering over stuff will become useless.

So therefore web designers may soon have to find a way to complete a page that serves both the PC and mobile user.

The Samsung SGH-L870 will be available in Europe around August this year.