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PayPal UK technical hitches holding up payments

PayPal UK technical hitches holding up payments
Teething problems for new transfer mechanism

A minority of PayPal users in the UK are experiencing delays in receiving funds as changes made to the service has led to more transactions being held for security checks.

The online payment giant recently revamped its money transfer mechanism, which was supposed to speed up the process of delivering money from PayPal to the user's bank account.

The process, which once took 3-4 days, now takes only a few hours.

However, as the Press Association reported on Friday evening, the volume of transactions has left PayPal unable to keep up, and more transactions are being held for review.

"We have had some technical issues which mean more transactions than usual are being reviewed for risk reasons," said a PayPal spokesperson.

The company refused to be drawn on how many customers have been affected by the issue.

Via Press Association