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Google opens up Voice service to more people

Google Voice expands its audience
Google Voice expands its audience

Google Voice will soon be available to a wider range of users with the search giant confirming it will be soon sending out more invites to use the service.

Those that requested an invitation when Google announced it was rebooting the GrandCentral service it bought a few years ago will soon be seeing one landing in their inbox.

This means they can simply follow a link and set-up a new Voice account, and can choose a new number that can be given out to centralise all their numbers through one Google route (if anyone steals 0800 MACHINE we'll get very angry).

All in one and one in all

We're very excited about Google Voice, (as you can see in our review) as it means you can centralise all your numbers, ie your mobile, work and home, and then just give out one number.

Then you can choose people to divert through to certain phones - ie your Mum can phone your Google Voice number and get your house phone (because they love doing that) but if you're not it, you can set it to go straight to your mobile.

We've contacted Google to find out when / if this will be open to everyone, so will let you know the response.

However, in the meantime you can simply head on over to the Google Voice homepage and request an invite and bypass the whole problem.

Via Official Google Blog