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Introducing the PlayBox - the ultimate PS4-Xbox hybrid

TechRadar designs the ultimate next-gen console
Introducing...the PlayBox
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With the PS4 and Xbox One heading our way, TechRadar asked: what if Microsoft and Sony put their differences aside and teamed up to offer the ultimate console? Then we realized that there's about zero chance of this ever happening - so we designed it ourselves.

We brought together the best of both worlds to form the PlayBox. Blu-Ray? Check. 8GB of RAM? Check. Kinect with two dual 1920x1080 cameras? You betcha.

As for the controller, we think it's the perfect hybrid, offering optimum comfort and functionality. Plus the built-in touchscreen offers a whole raft of new ways to play and navigate the console.

So Microsoft, Sony, if you do happen to see this, you're welcome to try the idea out. We reckon it could be a real game changer.