Essential Phone's actual release date will be revealed in a week


After two months of delays, the Essential Phone still doesn’t have a final release date pinned down. And while the best possible news we could give is that the phone is coming out in the next week, that’s not the news we have for you.

Instead, Essential has committed to announcing the release date to its premier Android smartphone in a week. That’s right an announcement of an announcement for an already overdue release. Oh, and now Andy Rubin is teasing that mass production has begun on the Essential Phone. There's no turning back now!

When the Essential Phone finally does launch, which could now reasonably be near the end of August or the beginning of September, it will have to face-off against the heavy-hitters of the industry. Apple is likely to release its next phone, the iPhone 8, in mid September and Google is also said to be launching the Google Pixel 2 shortly thereafter.

It was nearly three weeks ago when Andy Rubin attributed the phone’s delay to getting it certified with mobile carriers. While it’s definitely possible that it has taken longer than anticipated, the many delays are certainly not too pleasing for early backers.

The wait for the eventual Essential

If you’ve been tiring of the wait for the Android co-founder’s debut phone, it seems like your patience is about to be rewarded.

However, if you’ve recently decided to take the plunge on the phone that seems to offer some essential, new features and other not-so innovative ones, you’ll be able to purchase the Essential Phone through Best Buy and Amazon, the latter of which recently announced that it invested part of the $300 million necessary to bring the Essential Phone project to life.

Via The Verge