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Logitech's force feedback Wii wheel

Logitech's Speed Force Wireless Racing Wheel
Logitech's Speed Force Wireless Racing Wheel

After putting up with waving controllers around in the air for the last couple of years, a more realistic racing solution might be on the way for Wii owners.

Logitech have announced their Speed Force Wireless Racing Wheel, which will be the Wii's first steering wheel with force feedback.

The driving rig, equipped with Logitech's patented force feedback tech, will also feature 2.4GHz wireless, promising, the company says "lag-free racing from up to 30 feet away from the console" via a plug-in USB receiver.

Licensed officially by Nintendo, the wheel is also being released to tie in with EA's upcoming Need for Speed Undercover, currently in development by Black Box studios. Logitech says the wheel will work fine with any other upcoming force feedback racing titles too, though.

Expected to be available in the UKfrom November, the wheel should retailfor around £60.